Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hooping Really Changed My Life

Earlier this week I sent out a little note to a few hoop loving friends and asked them for some feedback on their hooping experience. I was overwhelmed by the loving responses I got in return. They put a huge smile in my heart and one brought me to tears.

I have watched with love and wonder as Eva, a hooping student at FAB Academy, has gone from strength to strength with her hooping, self improvement, confidence and all over GLOW!

Eva your words blow me away as does your vibrance every time we meet. You are a great inspiration. Thank you!

Rocking our Hoop Glow

When I was a kid hooping was one of our favorite things to do.
One..two..five hoops...we didn't care. We came up with our own little
tricks and just had fun.
It took me more than 20 years to realize how lucky I was back then.

I re-started hooping 8 months ago at FAB Academy. I went to Deanne's
class and confronted her with the words: "Hey, I am sorry but I can't
hoop!" And she just smiled and said: "Why don't you try it out first!"
Her positive attitude was so contagious that I couldn't help but give it a try and it was pure FUN!!!
After a few spins I was able to keep the hoop on my waist for a little
while. What an uplifting experience! I took the class regularly and soon was able to do a few little tricks and made it to the next stage which
is chest hooping. I even did my own little hoop performance a few weeks ago! Dreams do come true, I know it!

Hooping really changed my life. I lost 25 cm on my waist and I am
fortunate enough to have to best hoop teacher in the world. It's not just my new shape, not just the huge amount of self-confidence I gained
from her class it's also the positive energy and the fun we have in
class every single time.

Hoop love is for me watching Deanne in her performances or in class and literally feeling the passion and the dedication she puts into her job. And
like a hoop doesn't have an end neither does hoop LOVE

Thank You, Deanne, for everything you have done for me!!!
Eva Reichl

Monday, January 24, 2011



TUESDAY (火曜日)7:00-8:30pm

Want to be BEAUTIFUL, SEXY and PASSIONATE? LATIN BEAUTY will help you develop these qualities while improving muscle control and posture. You will learn the basics of technical Latin ballroom movements, which are the best exercises for contouring your body and making it look sexy. Enjoy working your body to the rhythm of the sexiest Latin beats while bringing out the passion from within. After the Latin-style workout, enjoy a SEXY and FUNKY HIP HOP and JAZZ MIX choreography. So, come get a beautiful and sexy body with your heels on!  


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Latin Jazz Diana-mite - won 2nd place!

On Friday, in Latin Choreography and Performance class, anyone can join to learn styling and movement for sexy Latin vibes.  Not all students are from Diana-mite team, so it is an open class.  If you love Latin movement, and want to learn how to be sexy and free in performing, come on Fridays 8:30-10p.m.-- a great way to end the week and begin the weekend!